Our project management delivers projects to cost and schedule. We achieve results and secure client's investment returns. 

Our international team is highly experienced in project delivery models, implementation, controls/processes and stakeholder management.

Our Expertise is in the following areas:

Strategic Project Analysis

 We provide upfront project analysis such as urban redevelopment planning, project feasibility reporting, and independent project review/verification services. 

Engineering and design management

Our project and construction experience coupled with our technical backup capabilities ensures we bridge the gap between design and constructability throughout the construction and commissioning phases of projects.

Program and change management

We lead and deliver complex programs. we guide property and infrastructure solutions, leveraging technology and process to facilitate organisational change. 

Project governance

 We advise on and deliver project governance to support the relationships betweeen all groups involved in a project, describe the project information flow to all stakeholders and ensure reviews and approvals at all stages of the project. 

Construction management

 Our experienced professionals provide effective leadership, sharp attention to detail and a valued partnership you can count on throughout the project construction life cycle. 

Stakeholder and Community Engagement

Proactive stakeholder and community engagement form an integral part of every project. We are specialist and experienced stakeholder and community engagement professionals.

Strategic procurement

 We implement effective strategies, vet suppliers and help establish supplier relationships to drive commercial outcomes, performance and quality 

Delivery strategy

 Developing a robust and bankable project delivery strategy can significantly affect the success of a large construction or infrastructure project. 

Contract management

 Our team has contract management knowledge covering strategic procurement, tailored tender and contract documentation, contract administration and commercial management services across the construction, real estate, corporate and professional services industries. 

Our Capability Statement

For more information on our expertise, the background of our team members and what we provide, download our Capability Statement.

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